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Paul Spencer

Good magician. Good value. Good 'eavens!


It's great you are here.

You want to be fooled, but don’t forget the fun!

Your guest will be baffled and bamboozled. It is crazy magic with a large helping of comedy.A sure fire way to raise a laugh or two.

My aim is to entertain and then leave you wondering how did he do that ?

I am at home entertaining the smallest groups to the largest banquet or corporate event.


You can be assured of a professional and reliable service, at a reasonable price.

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IMG_20210222_163730 (2).jpg

Your guests will amazed and will not believe what they are seeing.

Magic performed right under their nose! 
Performing from table to table or going from group to group.Versatile and adaptable entertainment needing no special set-up or stage.
My magic is the spark for conversation and laughter.

I can't wait to amaze YOU!

Whatever the celebration you can be sure a magician (me, just to remind you) is always a hit!

The magic is performed close-up …no trap doors or mirrors here!

Take a card, any card .Well, you know what happens next. I will find it in the most startling way.

Objects vanish, appear and do what they shouldn’t.

Your guests will be totally amazed with my brand of magic,exciting fun entertainment!


Do you need the children entertained?

Party fun for kids!

Find out more.

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Unforgettable entertainment.

How easy is this.Just hit the button.Fill in the form.I will be in touch. 
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