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Wedding Party

Wedding magic has become an ever more popular and fashionable way to bring live entertainment to your wedding day.


With my  brand of magic entertainment I bring an atmosphere of fun, joy, excitement and amazement. 

I engage your guests, making them feel at ease  putting them all in the partying mood.

With oodles of experience spread over years you are guaranteed exceptional entertainment and a helpful professional attitude.


It’s your wedding so your entertainment needs to be tailored to fit in with your plans. Maybe get the buzz going with my incredible magic at your drinks reception or later at the evening party.


If needed entertainment for children with Smartie Artie is the perfect act.

I will help you plan the best entertainment package for your wedding.


Drinks Reception

A wedding magician (that’s me folks) is invaluable at certain points during the day.

You know it can be up to 2 hours until the wedding breakfast so entertainment is a great idea for the drinks reception.

 I’m sure you have been to weddings and at the drinks reception everyone grabs a glass of bubbly and the socialising begins?

 Well some will mix and some will not.They maybe don’t know the group close by and just don’t know how to start the converstion.  What happens when conversation falters.

.A chat to uncle Jim is nice until you are racking your brains for the next subject…how's the weather.You know what I mean!

My magic will energize the atmosphere. Amazement and laughter will igniting the conversation fuse.

How did he do that, wasn’t that incredible. Have you seen that magician.

He is just amazing!

I think you get the idea.


You can create the buzz and excitement with a wedding magician keeping them engaged in the experience and not getting bored.


 Your  wedding will be the one they talk about a remember.


Your guests have enjoyed a wonderful meal, groaned at the speeches (just kidding).

They have had plenty of wine, a drink or two so it's no surprise your guests start to slow down a little.

The day is not over it’s time for your guests to party.

Now is time for a boost.

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Wouldn't it be great to have guests laughing, cheering, falling off their seats (well you never know!)

I will get them all going with magic that is eye popping,impossible and super fun.

Your evening guests will see all your day guests having a ball and will be ready for an amazing party. 


Evening performances are so popular as so many couples go to town to make their wedding party a blast.

Do get in touch as soon as possible to book your date. 

Wedding Breakfast

Do you need a magician at the tables?

Wedding magicians do entertain during the wedding breakfast with magic at the tables.If that idea appeals Ok. Really the value of my close-up magic performance is best used to create atmosphere for the drinks reception or evening party.

Let’s face it your guests just want to eat, drink, listen to the wonderful speeches and make merry.

If you have children coming to your wedding what they don’t want is a long session at the table and listening to all those ‘boring’ grown-ups and speeches they think just go on for ever.

Smartie Artie can help here by entertaining them.They have fun with all the crazy things they love. Comedy magic, puppets, balloon modelling and games.They are happy and parents enjoy the proceedings child free.

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Can't wait to hear from you. Just hit the button.

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